Find out more about the basic configuration we put in place to interconnect Belnet
to the govroam using FreeRADIUS. FreeRADIUS is an open source implementation
of the RADIUS protocol. You can download it here.

The installation of FreeRADIUS depends on your Operating System but the files that need to
be changed and configured are the following:

  • radiusd.conf: the main configuration file.
  • clients.conf: the client’s device that can contact the RADIUS server.
  • eap.conf: the configuration file for the Extensible Authentication Protocol.
  • proxy.conf: the configuration file to proxy a request for domains other than yours.


This file contains all configurations and includes other files like eap.conf and proxy.conf.
This configuration contains many sections. We will only provide a subset of the configuration needed for the govroam configuration. The configuration is well documented and can be found here.