What is govroam?

Govroam, which stands for 'government roaming', is a RADIUS-based infrastructure. Belnet is providing an exclusive wireless/Wi-Fi roaming service for public services and governmental administrations.

Being part of govroam allows users visiting another institution connected to govroam to log on to the Wi-Fi of the organization using the same credentials (username and password) they use at their home institution. All details of our tariffs are available on this page: Tariff govroam.

Using govroam on an international level

Since 29th September, Belnet has signed an agreement with the govroam Federation on a collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands for the use of govroam in both territories by the users of both countries. If you are a Belgian govroam user, it is now possible to use govroam in government organizations located in the Netherlands.

* govroam is a registered trademark of Belnet