What is govroam?

Govroam, which stands for 'government roaming', is a RADIUS-based infrastructure. Belnet is providing an exclusive wireless/Wi-Fi roaming service for public services and governmental administrations.

Being part of govroam allows users visiting another institution connected to govroam to log on to the Wi-Fi of the organization using the same credentials (username and password) they use at their home institution. All details of our tariffs are available on this page: Tariff govroam.

Using govroam on an international level

Since 29th September, Belnet has signed an agreement with the govroam Federation on a collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands for the use of govroam in both territories by the users of both countries. If you are a Belgian govroam user, it is now possible to use govroam in government organizations located in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

The govroam service makes use of the RADIUS protocol that facilitates the sharing of data. Organisation A is host to a user from organisation B and this user logs on to the wireless network of organisation A. At that moment, the RADIUS server of organisation A will forward the user data (user name and password) to the RADIUS server of organisation B for verification.

This is done via the RADIUS server of Belnet, which receives a request from the RADIUS server of organisation A. The Belnet server then immediately sends a request to the RADIUS server of organisation B. Thanks to the creation of a Transport Layer Security tunnel between the user and his or her organisation, the server of organisation B can securely verify its user.

After verification, the RADIUS server of organisation A receives the message that the user is known within organisation B. And thus the user gains access to the wireless network of organisation A.

Govroam schema

* For more information about how to configure the service, please consult the related frequently asked questions on the belnet.be.